Ask A Scientist

Here are the videos of each of our scientists and some highlights from the Q&A from our first Ask A Scientist program. Check out our YouTube page for the rest of the series!

For our first Ask A Scientist event, Elise, Bridget, and Sam shared an intro to their research and answered some questions about why they decided to pursue science. We hope you enjoy the below videos!

Can a cell glow green? Learn all about microscopes, fluorescence and how these glowing cells are leading to cures for viruses like HIV. Watch the below clip from Elise, a PhD student in biomedical engineering at Yale.

Tiny organisms are all around us whether we are inside or outside and can affect our health. Listen below to Bridget, a researcher in environmental engineering at the University of Michigan, explain more about the microbes that can be found in our homes and how environmental engineers are studying them to design healthier buildings and safer drinking water treatment processes.

What’s the matter with antimatter? Sam, a PhD student in particle physics at Yale, talks about matter, different forms of radiation, and how her research in nuclear physics is helping us answer questions about the early universe.

Sam, Bridget, and Elise also answered some more questions, including when they knew they wanted to become scientists.

We hope that you learned something from each of our scientists! If you enjoy these videos and want to hear from even more scientists, then check out our YouTube page. For more resources to keep exploring, we have a curated list of some of our favorite videos, activities, and more.

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