The code presented on this page can be downloaded or found in the Arduino examples menu under Examples → SpinWearables → Animations_and_Patterns → Color_Wheel.

A Color Wheel Animation

In our animations and patterns lesson we describe how an animation can be created by instructing a computer to make a particular drawing dependent on a single number, the current time. In Simple_Blink and Smoother_Blink we saw how to impose a brightness that smoothly changes over time. Here we will see how to use the color wheel, i.e. the wheel of hues which assigns different colors to every number from 0 to 255. We will use this color wheel to impose a smoothly changing color the same way we previously imposed a smoothly changing brightness. Some pieces of code are the same as in previous examples from this series on coded animations, We do not comment them as extensively here, but consult the Simple_Blink example if you need a refresher.

#include "SpinWearables.h"
using namespace SpinWearables;

void setup() {

void loop() {
  int t = millis();
  int t_repeating = t % 2500;

We prepare the number s which will be turned into a color by the colorWheel function.

  int s = t_repeating/10;

We use the result of colorWheel(s) as input for the setLargeLEDsUniform function.