The code presented on this page can be downloaded or found in the Arduino examples menu under Examples → SpinWearables → BlinkingFirmware.

A Simple Example Sketch for the SpinWheel

Part of the Initial Setup

These few lines instruct the software to preload all the extra tools we have created specifically for the SpinWheel.

#include "SpinWearables.h"
using namespace SpinWearables;

The setup function is executed only once, when the SpinWheel turns on. As the name suggests, it serves as a place where any initial functionality can be set up. We simply instruct the SpinWheel to begin accepting commands.

void setup() {

The loop function is executed repeatedly, as fast as possible, in a loop. It serves as the main “logic” that drives the behavior of the SpinWheel.

void loop() {

Typically, the loop function will first measure the current time and motion readings, and then create colorful pattern depending on the measurement values.

  int t = millis();
  int t_repeating = t % 2500;
  int b = triangularWave(t_repeating / 10);

The colors of the LEDs are set with commands like this one.

  SpinWheel.setLargeLEDsUniform(b, 0, b);

And typically the loop function ends with a call to the drawFrame function, which ensures that all LEDs are on with the previously set color.