Children have the natural curiosity and
capacity to engineer a better world.

Our kits just remind them.

Introducing the SpinWheel!

A small, colorful, programmable, wearable kit to facilitate student exploration of physics, engineering, and computer science.

With the programs that come pre-loaded on the device, it can be immediately worn as jewelry or sported as a keychain. With help from our educational guide, it can be programmed to be a compass, step-counter, and more.

All proceeds will go to the science outreach efforts of the Yale graduate student section of the Society of Women Engineers.

We have successfully funded a first manufacturing run of the SpinWheel on Kickstarter. Thank you to all of our many backers, we wouldn’t have been successful without you!

The SpinWheel’s are now manufactured and we’re finishing crafting the educational materials. The device is fully built and tested. We can’t wait to get it into our backers’ hands!

Our crowdfunding campaign is now over and all devices are sold out.

All the blueprints are freely available if you want to order/produce your own batch. And we are always available to help (for free if the project is educational). Moreover, all of the interactive lessons in our online booklet are applicable to non-SpinWheel Arduino-like devices.

We are a group of volunteers with a passion for teaching science and building beautiful things. We work under the umbrella of Yale’s Society of Women Engineers, leading hands-on outreach events with hundreds of K-12 students each year. The SpinWheel is the kit that we wish that we had had before going to college!

Our STEM backgrounds provided us with the technical expertise to design the SpinWheel. We made the SpinWheel aesthetically-pleasing and wrote the educational materials assuming no prior experience to help make STEM more accessible.

The SpinWheel comes with a “Field Guide” containing multiple educational and artistic activities written for students ages 12-212. Anyone can program the SpinWheel to create a unique, science-infused piece of art that they would be proud to wear and call their own.

Contact us at mail@spinwearables.com!

At the following link, you can see our teaching materials that are ready to be shared. We’ll be releasing more hands on activities (“adventures”) and associated lessons over the coming months.

We have more information for parents and educators here.

Behind-the-scenes pictures of the device and testing runs are also available.

We delve into the material in the behind the scenes page in more depth in the “Engineer’s Diary” section of the field guide.

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