Engineer’s Diary

Throughout this project we faced many invigorating and interesting challenges. Check out the links below to learn more about how the SpinWheel was created. This expands on the content presented in the Behind the Scenes page.

  1. Behind the Scenes Overview - the technical work behind the SpinWheel in a nutshell
  2. Technical Specifications - the components that make up the SpinWheel and the reasons we picked them
  3. Circuit Design - the process of turning an idea of an electronic design into a first prototype and then into a complete circuit board design
  4. Hardware Testing - the anxiety inducing steps between the creating of the first few prototypes and verifying that they are reliable enough to actually submit the mass production order
  5. Kickstarter Setup - our experience with setting up a crowdfunding campaign in March 2020, exactly when the country was going into lockdown
  6. Manufacturing Partner - where a hobbyist can print their unpopulated circuit boards or even order a full assembly of the boards with soldered components
  7. Creating the Virtual SpinWheel - the misadventures behind the creation of the interactive online code demos
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