SpinWheel Slide Decks

As part of the SpinWheel educational materials, we have slide decks ready to be used by educators.

As you can see in the main educational materials page, we have a suggested lesson plan starting with basic topics on which one can build exciting and original applications. We have an assortment of slide decks built around these lessons, focusing on the main topics to cover and the advanced activities that best balance approachability with excitement and originality.

These slight decks are meant to be used by educators who have gained a passing familiarity with the linked lessons. The videos in these lessons do not autoplay (use right-click/play and even right-click/full-screen). If a widget does not automatically load, please refresh the page once, as the slide-deck software clashes with some of our interactive visuals. Type a question mark to see the full help menu for these slide decks. Press Esc to view a zoomed-out outline of a given slide deck. Ctrl+click lets you zoom on part of a slide.

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